The True Power of an Intelligent PDU:


Optimize Data Center Power Capacity

Sharp rises in energy costs have made understanding power consumption at the device and rack level vital to accurately forecasting future expansion and optimizing existing setups. Proper data center power capacity planning results in more efficient environments for current and future growth.


Understand Your Power Requirements

No one data center is built the same, nor do they have the same power requirements. The growing demand for high capacity racks adds an additional component when trying to find the right solution. Raritan specializes in engineered to order Intelligent PDUs, fulfilling the users exact power requirements.

By leveraging both the existing breadth of catalog PDU models and our Advanced Engineering program, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution to power up your racks.

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Physical Space

Know How Much Power Capacity is Available

An important aspect of power capacity planning is knowing how much power space is available in a given rack. With inlet metering, Intelligent PDUs can help determine power usage and available capacity at the rack level.

This makes it easier to identify available space for new equipment as well as consolidating existing assets.

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Understand Your Future Growth Needs for Expansion

The increase in power hungry IT equipment has created an environment that requires consistent adjustment and expansion planning. Before power usage can be optimized, it must be measured.

Outlet metered Intelligent PDUs allow users to understand power consumption at the device or server-level, which makes it possible to locate new opportunities for power growth needs.

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The True Power of an Intelligent PDU

Raritan intelligent PDUs are the starting point when it comes to power capacity planning and management. Innovative features provide the power usage data needed to make smarter and more informed decisions when it comes to consolidating and future rack growth.

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