Legrand’s personalized service enhances the value of the new Nexpand cabinets in the DTIX data center



The DTiX model is based on quality and safety. This begins with the very high availability of a Tier III-equivalent design architecture from the Uptime Institute that guarantees a high availability rate (over 99.98%) and interruption-free maintenance of the electrical and climatic chains. DTiX also offers a secure and standardized environment (ISO 27001), optimized energy use (ISO 14001) and a commitment to the European Union’s Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers. These certifications are important for the company because they are the basis of the good practices that the company requires of itself. They are important for customers, for whom the certifications respond to their criticality needs. Finally, to conclude the interview, DTiX is targeting a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.5. This indicator measures the energy efficiency of the data center, which produces N+1 cooling via three integrated free-cooling units. By managing its infrastructure’s energy use in a virtuous way, DTiX respects the Code of Conduct. But the approach goes even further and underlines the willingness of its founders to commit to a responsible approach.


The data center wanted to offer its customers a modular infrastructure by the cabinet, half-rack, or even private suites (a secure space inside a room) from 6 cabinets (12 m²) and in a cold-corridor that supports free-cooling. Its designers found a customized solution that fit their needs in Legrand Data Center Solutions and its Nexpand cabinets. The manufacturer’s teams were involved in the upstream design of the rooms from the very beginning of the project to design a cold-corridor architecture with a cold aisle in front of two rows of 47u (600x1200) cabinets.

The choice of cabinets and their design in the rooms was an essential step in the design of the DTiX offering. In order to meet its objectives of high availability and security of the IT infrastructures that will be installed in the rooms, a customized cabinet was created to match the needs for hosting. Legrand was involved in designing the data center by setting up the cabinets, which include accessories that helped the offering stand out:

- an electric door for the containment corridor with a badge reader,

- a secure cabinet door with a keycode-based lock system,

- electrical equipment for the cabinets with simple or manageable Raritan PDUs, with 2 PDUs per cabinet for a redundant power supply, each channel assigned a color (A red and B blue),

- full-height cable guides between the 19” rails and the cabinet door for easy routing,

- a passage in the ceiling for the power supply and interconnection cables, with double conveyance possible via two meet-me rooms, depending on the carriers’ offerings,

- accessories for optimizing airflow in the cabinets (which go all the way to the floor) to meet energy efficiency requirements.

One key detail made a big difference for DTiX: the Nexpand cabinets are white, which stands out from the traditional black and improves the overall brightness of the room. As a result, Nexpand cabinets add a sense of calm and cleanliness that benefits a modern, efficient data center.


Jean-Michel Lefaure, head of DTiX, intends to continue his successful partnership with Legrand Data Center Solutions. First of all, the partnership will continue at the pace that new customers occupy the rooms, thanks to the modularity of Minkels’ Nexpand cabinets. Then, a second, remote data center will be established in the near future for data backup and disaster recovery for the solutions running in the cabinets. Finally, there will most certainly be a third data center if the success continues!

DTiX ITcenter has just opened its doors in Dijon. This medium-sized shared data center has an IT surface area of 450 m², with three rooms where 120 computer racks will be hosted in all. DTiX is characteristic of the regional data centers that are flourishing in areas that the shared giant hosts have forgotten. It hosts local customers who need to outsource their information system, larger and more remote customers who are looking for redundancy to secure their data, as well as outsourcing providers.

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