Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches

Intelligent Hybrid Rack Transfer Switch

Raritan's hybrid rack transfer switch system is the first in the world to offer both electromechanical relays and silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to overcome the limitations of a traditional automatic transfer switch (ATS). It provides load transfer times that are comparable to that of a static transfer switch (STS), more energy efficiently, and at a far more accessible price point.  It is also the first in the world to offer inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level power metering; and outlet-level switching for better remote power control.  

Raritan's rack transfer switch offers:

  • Current sampling at 4,800 times per second for load transfers within 4 to 8ms.
  • Oversized relays, rated at 48A, and SCRs, rated at 70A, even though the transfer switches are intended for 16A and 32A loads.
  • Relay contact air gap of 3.3mm vs. the 0.6mm gap used in most transfer switch relays on the market to prevent electric arcing.
  • Two single throw relays instead of one double throw relay (a single point of failure) to support reliable out-of-phase transfers.
  • Inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level metering.
  • Remote outlet switching. 


Patent-Pending Hybrid Design

Raritan offers the first hybrid rack transfer switch combining electromechanical relays and silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) for exceptional performance and reliability.

Blazing-Fast Transfer Times

SCRs provide fast power transfer times at 4 to 8ms, ensuring that your equipment continues to operate when power fails or fluctuates.

Designed for Reliability

This pioneering rack transfer switch offers inlet surge protection, field replaceable output short protection, redundant internal power supplies and dual controllers.

Web-based Remote Power Monitoring

Real-time remote power quality monitoring with user define-able thresholds and alerts for voltage and frequency. Includes AC waveform of last transfer and metering of inlet power loads.

Real-Time Power Metering

Monitor power utilization at the inlet, outlet, or branch circuit level to prevent tripped breakers, uncover hidden capacity, and use resources efficiently.

Remote Power Control

Reboot hung servers or keep outlets off to prevent unauthorized access, ensure proper provisioning, and avoid tripped breakers.


Built-in sensors ensure break-before-make power transfer from one power source to another within 4 to 8ms.

Out-of-Phase Transfers

Uses two single throw relays instead of one double throw relay (a single point of failure) to support reliable transfers regardless of power phase.

Eliminates Relay Welding

Uses SCRs and oversized relays, with an air gap of 3.3mm vs. the 0.6mm gap as used in most transfer switch relays, to prevent arcing due to power surges.

Monitor and Optimize Your Environment

Optional ports for plug-and-play environmental sensors that allow you to monitor critical environmental conditions.

Industry’s Most Flexible USB Port

The transfer switch comes equipped with front and back USB ports to support Wi-Fi networking, cascading, webcams, quick setup, and tablet access and control.

Remote Management Capabilities

Threshold alerting and status updates via GSM text, email, and syslog. An intuitive GUI, SNMP, Modbus, TCP/IP, JSON-RPC for scripting, IPv4/IPv6.

Energy Metering and Power Quality Monitoring

Make informed capacity planning decisions, efficiently utilize power resources, and monitor power fluctuations that may disrupt equipment.

Ready for Harsh Environments

Runs up to 60°C(UL) and 50°C(CE) environment at 85% relative humidity.

DCIM Monitoring Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Raritan’s Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring solution for effective data center power infrastructure management.

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