Raritan's products are covered by the most extensive standard warranty in the industry

Also available are affordable premium support and service options that include advanced replacement and technical support.

Standard Warranty with Advanced Replacement*
  • No cost two-year warranty covering parts and labor and advanced replacement*.
  • Standard warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase
  • E-mail our technical support department (tech.europe@raritan.com) should you have questions related to your purchased Raritan equipment. Please always state the product name, serial number, clear description of the issue, and your contact details. With this information we are better able to offer rapid assistance.

* To qualify for advanced replacement under standard warranty, products must be registered with Raritan. To register your product(s), visit www.raritan.com/standard_warranty.

Full details of the standard warranty can be downloaded here.

Extended Warranty

For customers who desire greater coverage than the Standard Warranty, Raritan Europe B.V. also offers extended coverage.

Extended Warranty includes:

  • A one (1), two (2), or three (3) year extension to the ´Standard Warranty´ coverage on our intelligent power products**
  • A two (2) year extension to the ´Standard Warranty´ coverage on our access & control products***
  • Advanced equipment replacement
  • Technical support for the validity of the extended warranty period

Extended warranty pricing is being determined by the manufacturer's list price and the warranty purchase date. Extended warranties can be purchased at the time of initial product sale or any time during the standard 2 year warranty period.

Standard2 YearsFREE100% parts and workmanship
Extended Warranty Power Products**1 Year12% of list price100% parts and workmanship 
 2 Years18% of list price100% parts and workmanship 
 3 Years25% of list price100% parts and workmanship 
Extended Warranty Access & Control Products***2 Years20% of list price100% parts and workmanship 

** Qualifying products are PX, PXE, BCM, EMX and Transfer Switches.
*** Qualifying products are Dominion® KX III, Dominion® SX II, Dominion® KSX II, CommandCenter® Secure Gateway, Dominion® KX II-101 (V2), Dominion® LX, Paragon® II, MasterConsole® CAT, CompuSwitch®, RAV-IP, Cat5 Reach® DVI, Raritan Console Drawers, and TMCAT17.

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our products and customers, we offer a Synchronized Warranty Program, which covers both current purchases and your existing Raritan equipment. Learn how you can conveniently consolidate all your warranty info into a single policy with a common expiration date. Please contact Raritan for further details.

NOTE: Cables, CIMs, sensors, and accessories are excluded from the extended warranty program as are products no longer offered on the current price list. Products purchased from an unauthorized reseller or distributor, do not qualify from either program.