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CC-SG Virtual Appliance Evaluation (16-Node Limit)

Thank you for your interest in Raritan's CommandCenter® Secure Gateway centralized data center management solution. This evaluation version includes all features as of release v7.0 and provides access to sixteen “nodes”.

Try it now to see how it helps you manage your virtual machines, blade systems, rack servers, networking devices, and power distribution units, located anywhere in the world. All this from a single Web browser-based interface! Manage Better!

  • Out-of-band BIOS-level access to blade and rack-mounted servers via Dominion KX II KVM-over-IP switch or service processors (ie. iLO, DRAC, RSA)
  • BIOS-level access to virtual servers via VMWare Viewer
  • In-band access to servers via RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet and VMWare’s VI Client
  • Easily identify active power, energy, cost and environmental trends