The Benefits of Easy to Use PDUs

The rapid expansion of data centers through the growth of digital data has created a highly complex IT infrastructure. With such a complex IT environment it’s becoming more important than ever to find ways to increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations to ensure maximum throughput. Learn how the benefits of easy to use intelligent PDUs help achieve a more efficient data center.

How Intelligent PDUs Help Future-Proof Your Rack Infrastructure

The data center industry is feeling the full impact of economic drivers and technology innovations through their design, build, and operations. One of the biggest challenges they are currently experiencing is how to maintain an IT infrastructure that will remain relevant over the course of its life. Learn how future-proof intelligent PDUs create a longer lasting infrastructure.

How Reliable PDUs Lead to Reliable Data Centers

The truth is that an efficient operating data center is crucial for a business to be successful. Have you considered what happens when external and internal factors cause a data center to shut down? Picture this, for every one minute that a data center is inoperable, it costs a staggering $8,851. In this eBook, learn how deploying intelligent PDUs lead to a more reliable data center.

Dominion KXIII: HD KVM-over-IP for High Performance Audio and Video Applications

KVM switches have been around for decades. Traditionally, they’ve been used by IT professionals to access servers that store information and run critical business services.

Remote Server Management tools: Facts to consider

Software Based v. Embedded Service vs. KVM-over-IP Switches: Important facts to consider when choosing your Remote Server Management tools.

5 Reasons Environment Sensors are used in all Modern Data Centers

Sensors are an easy to install, cost-effective way to reduce energy costs, improve reliability, and increase capacity for future data center growth. See why you should be using them.

5 Great Reasons To Use Colored Rack PDUs

In this eBook we identify the advantages of colored rack PDUs. From keeping data centers safe and organized through branding and light optimization for dark racks.

5 Benefits of Having USB Ports on Your Rack PDUs

Having a USB port on an intelligent rack PDU allows Raritan customers to save hundreds of thousands by eliminating copper- based network infrastructure costs, facilitating PDU setup and upgrades, and adding an additional layer of physical security.

Basic vs. Intelligent PDUs: Understanding the Differences

Data center leaders that opt for basic PDUs because they cost less than intelligent PDUs are making a big mistake.  The truth is intelligent PDUs offer a significantly higher return on investment (ROI).

6 Imperatives of the New Digital Outpost

As technology advances, it’s increasing our digital footprint, and businesses dependency on remote computing. With this major shift happening, IT must rethink its approach to remote infrastructure to allow these intensifying digital business critical activities to operate uninterrupted while reducing the cost of remote site ownership.

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