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The demands of broadcast programming require 24/7 access to playlists and content, without exception. When on-site IT staff is not a possibility and physical space is limited, remote access management provides an ideal solution. To centralize management and gain out-of-band remote access to critical IT resources, look no further than Raritan’s Remote Broadcast Server Management and Control Solution.

Remote Management and Control for Business Continuity

Data centers are susceptible to a wide variety of disasters, attributable to human error, system breakdowns and other factors. In these instances, secure remote access and control are essential to minimizing fallout. Raritan’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions offer IT managers the tools to quickly access and recover virtually any server.

Cloud Infrastructure (Remote) Management Solution

While virtualization offers flexibility and cost reduction, IT administrators considering a cloud-based architecture still need to control, manage and secure IT infrastructure. Before adopting the cloud, consider Raritan’s Cloud Infrastructure (Remote) Management Solution – it centralizes management and provides out-of-band remote access of critical IT resources from anywhere.

Dealing with Field Technician Overload

Few people work as hard as IT field technicians. Faced with challenging environments and limited resources, they’re constantly under pressure to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Now they can. Armed with a laptop and the Dominion® KX II-101, they can connect to any target server without the need for a crash cart.

Addressing Retail Server Downtime

If a server fails at a remote retail store location, it almost always causes unacceptable downtime, and demands additional manpower, travel time and travel expenses. Now Raritan can help, with a proven, secure, out-of-band solution that can resolve problems remotely.

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